Assuming responsibility – for human being and the environment

Despite its long and successful history, we are not only indebted to tradition but first and foremost to our customers, our employees and the region. The products are all made in Prien am Chiemsee and the company has provided secure employment for more than 100 employees for many years – and has done so in a sector which is increasingly reliant on cheap labour in low-cost countries. “We have to remain local to be able to respond quickly to customer requirements, guarantee high product quality and to uphold the environmental standards. We do everything on the development site and there is no need for long journeys”. Even a large number of the machines which are used on the 16,000-square-metre site are designed in-house and made in the local area.

The conscious decision to remain in Germany enables us to adhere to the high environmental standards. For example, all the materials and plastics used in the products are recyclable. The high quality and durability of the equipment mean that natural resources are spared and energy is conserved.

Because TOGU takes responsibility – naturally – for its products which are “Made in Germany”.

All TOGU® made products are:

  • made in Germany
  • 100% recycable
  • odorless and free from heavy metals
  • latex free
  • wasser resistant
  • easy to clean and desinfect
  • thermoplastic and therefore usable at almost all wide range of temperatures
  • robust and abrasion-resistant

TOGU – quality made in Germany. About 90% of all products offered on our website are manufactured in our headquarters in Prien am Chiemsee in Germany.
Transparency and integrity are important values to us: even the best can not do everything themselves. That’s why we complete our extensive range of self-made articles with products from other quality manufacturers worldwide. We cooperate with all our suppliers in the long term and a trustful way. The origin of these products (trading goods) can be found at the end of each item description.

On selected products we give a 30-year manufacturer warranty for private end users.